Give it a braap: Movember ambassador launches biking short film competition on Instagram

Ben Bowers founded Braapoftheday
Ben Bowers founded Braapoftheday

A Movember ambassador has launched a new Instagram-based competition, encouraging bikers to produce one-minute short films in celebration of their motorcycles during lockdown.

Kick-started by surrey-based men’s and mental health advocate, Ben Bowers, the contest began on the Instagram page braapoftheday (@braapoftheday) on Sunday afternoon and entrants have between now and the end of May to produce their best clips.

Ben previously founded the Instagram page on Thursday, March 19 to share videos of great sounding bikes and provide some light relief during the Coronavirus crisis and says he was inspired to develop the concept further and start the competition after being sent an entry by friend and follower, Ali Latimer.

“Frankly, I was a bit amazed and a bit humbled,” 40-year-old Ben told MCN. “He said: ‘I’ve been enjoying Braapoftheday and so I thought I’d do a little video for you.’”

Taking on the role of ‘Braapman’ and receiving a call from ‘Commissioner Bowers’, the video shows Latimer dressed in a Batman costume, before jumping on his dirt bike to perform some cunning stunts on his property.

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Creative Competition time! . Are you sat at home bored? Fancy having a giggle, wasting some time, flexing those creative muscles and maybe even bagging some cool stash? . We have just the thing! We are launching the #braapoftheday creative competition for the month of May. . The challenge is simple. Taking inspiration from this amazing video sent in by @alilat16 to create a short film under one minute long to celebrate motorbikes and #braapoftheday. You can create your own #Braapman or his sidekick #Rooster. Kick Covid’s ass and save the day with a bit of #braaping for good measure. Or come up with you own unique concept. Anything goes, just have fun with it. You don’t need to be a professional film maker either. Smartphone shooting is good enough for us. We would love to see some pros have a go too though! . To enter, DM your video to @braapoftheday and post on your channel tagging us too so we don’t miss it. . Winners will be picked by a top panel of judges including @charleyboorman @iammrpartridge @terry_madden and @niels_peter_jensen . The best videos will be showcased on the page during the last week of May. So entries in before the 25th May please. . Prizes will be announced fully during the next week but already include #rayban sunglasses and #pinlock earplugs. More big stuff to come! . Don’t miss out. Get creative and have some fun. . We would love you to share this far and wide and let’s see if we can get a great mix of videos sent through. . Please remember to abide by local policy around social distancing and riding motorbikes recreationally. #staysafe.

A post shared by #braapoftheday (@braapoftheday) on May 3, 2020 at 12:34pm PDT

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Different to the clips of revving bikes he had previously received, this then led Ben to the idea of the contest – encouraging bikers to get creative without breaching Covid-19 lockdown regulations.

“As with everyone, I’m going through the rollercoaster of lockdown,” Bowers told MCN. “I was self-employed before we went into this and everything just vanished overnight. 

“There’s a lot of stress and pressure and everyone’s in a similar boat at the moment, so it’s a welcome relief, really.”

The best entries will be judged at the end of May by a celebrity panel, including Charley Boorman, with prizes available from the likes of Ray-Ban, Pinlock and more. Entries can be sent via direct message to @braapoftheday, or posted on your own account – tagging the page and using the hashtag #braapoftheday.

“There’s no other agenda other than a bit of escapism,” Ben continued. “It’s a bit of mental health light relief, a bit of fun during these dark times and I’m lucky that people want to support that.”

Braaps the spirit: Movember ambassador offers self-isolating biking fix to all with new Instagram profile

First published 23 March 2020 by Dan Sutherland

Visit @braapoftheday today

Self-employed men’s health and mental health advocate, Ben Bowers, has created a new Instagram page, allowing bikers to indulge their passion for engine noise, without risking unnecessary harm during the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak.

“Everything’s a bit scary at the moment, isn’t it?” the Surrey-based Ducati Multistrada 1260 S rider told MCN late last week. “It can be quite overwhelming with the amount of negativity and scary messaging coming through the mainstream and social media.”

Called #braapoftheday (@braapoftheday), the page was launched on Thursday, March 19 and has since posted 10 motorcycle soundtracks, including a Suzuki GSX-RR MotoGP bike exiting pitlane and MCN’s very own Jordan Gibbons aboard a Royal Enfield Continental GT 650.

Mike Butler, Dutch Van Someren, Ian Wright, Ben Bowers and Steve Sargent at the 2019 DGR

“I think it’s just a nice thing to do and the sound of a bike is such an emotional connection,” the 40-year-old explained. “It’s a platform for [people] to come together with a little bit of focus and gives you an incentive just to go out to the garage and start your bike.”

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Having bravely beaten testicular cancer twice, Ben became an ambassador for the Movember charity around 10-years-ago, before working for them for around seven years. In that time, he helped establish their partnership with The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride and more and remains an ambassador for the group alongside his own freelance duties. 

“I was at the MCN Show, in London, the other day and there were middle aged hairy men going weak at the knees at the firing up of a two-stroke – just because the sound of it,” Ben continued.

“My girlfriend and daughter take the p*ss out of me because when a bike goes past, you just hear it and you go ‘oh, that was a… whatever it was’ and they say ‘you’re so sad, because you know what bikes sound like.’ But that’s kind of the joy of them, right? If you can’t ride them, at least you can listen to them.”

To take part, Instagram users need to share their best engine sounds and tag the page. From there, they can be reposted to the profile. As it gathers momentum, Ben hopes to offer a number of giveaways to followers, with prizes being handed out to the ‘best braaps’ shared and more. 

The first of these prizes was revealed earlier today, with followers able to win a set of Pinlock earplugs. Details on how to enter are displayed on the page, so if you would like to take part and be in with a chance of winning, be sure to follow @braapoftheday now!

Dan Sutherland

By Dan Sutherland

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