Going the distance: Bridgestone launch T32 sports touring tyres

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Bridgestone have revealed a new Battlax Sport Touring T32 tyre range, set to take over from the existing T31 as the firm’s flagship road-going distance offering – promising improved wet weather performance and connection to the road beneath you. 

With a reshaped rear tyre and 13% increased contact patch to the road, the new hoops also incorporate a 3% increase in number of grooves at the front and 6% at the rear to channel water.

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What’s more, they’ve also altered the angle and positioning for greater effectiveness; incorporating ‘Pulse Groove’ technology – a system of small raised grooves within the tread itself, which they claim helps increase the speed of water drainage.  

A GT version will be available for lager sports touring bikes

Featuring a single layer compound up front and a dual compound at the rear, Bridgestone also claim the T32 has a 7% improved stopping distance over the T31 in the damp, as well as considerably more traction under acceleration in wet conditions.

Sitting between the firm’s S22 sports road tyre and touring focussed BT46, the T32 range will also incorporate a GT variant for middling to heavier touring motorcycles. Whilst retaining the positive traits of the standard T32, Bridgestone also say the GT actually comes with a 10% increase in stability and longevity over the previous T31 GT.

Available in a range of sizes for bikes with 17, 18 or 19inch front wheels, plus 17 and 18inch rears, expect to see the full line-up available between January and February 2021.

Check back soon for a full in-depth review of the tyres.

Dan Sutherland

By Dan Sutherland

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