Try before you buy: New 'Demo Mode' added to 2023 KTM 890 Adventure R

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KTM have updated their 890 Adventure R for 2023 with a host of technical upgrades – including a new Demo Mode that unlocks all of the optional tech extras for the first 1500km so customers can decide what they want to purchase and what to leave off their machine.

On top of this, there’s a new 5in TFT dash with USB C connectors. The display gets a new design and graphics – said to make the unit easier to navigate.

Ten numbers can also be saved as favourites from your mobile for easy access calling on the move. As is accustom on modern KTMs you also get lean sensitive electronics, plus new colour designs on the seat and new Mitas Enduro Trail+ Tyres.

Major changes on the way for KTM 890 Adventure

First published on April 15, 2021 by Jordan Gibbons

KTM are already working on a replacement for the 890 Adventure, which was itself only updated from the 790 in 2020.

From these new spyshots, it seems the new 890 Adventure was only meant to be a stop gap. The recent update was mostly focused on the bigger engine, designed to offset expected Euro5 power losses while closing the gap on competitors such as the Triumph Tiger 900.

The rest of the changes were mostly electronic or drivetrain related to match the new motor. This new machine, which was recently spied during testing, shows a wholesale redesign that appears to bring it closer to the forthcoming Husqvarna Norden 901 (KTM own the Husqvarna brand).

The biggest change is now the larger fairing, which fully wraps around the body. The current model has a small half fairing jutting out from the headstock, which not only reduces the amount of weather protection but also creates a look that’s not to all tastes.

The new design should improve weather protection, while also delivering a more typical adventure look. The other big change comes in the fuel tanks.

The current model has a pair of saddle tanks, just like the genuine Dakar rally machines. This style of tank makes a lot of sense for off-roaders as the weight is held low and gives lots of volume for fuel while also clearing space above the engine for a large airbox.

It also gives designers the ability to move the seating position closer to the front of the bike, allowing the rider to be moved closer to the front wheel, which can significantly improve handling off-road.

In the new model, KTM appear to have slimmed down the lower tanks, but widened them further up – suggesting the tank will have the same volume but the fuel will be held higher up. It’s not clear if KTM will reengineer other parts to maintain the same centre of gravity, or whether they want to bring it higher up.

We contacted KTM about the bike and they told us they do not comment on future models.

Go anywhere touring: KTM reveal 890 Adventure for 2021

First published on October 20, 2020 by Dan Sutherland

KTM 890 Adventure power slide

Following the launch of the more extreme rally-inspired R models in early October, KTM have now pulled the covers off a new 890 Adventure, set to arrive in dealers in January 2021.

Based on the existing 790 Adventure introduced in 2019, the 890’s engine – as the name suggests –  is 90cc larger, meaning a 889cc parallel twin. It will produce 103.3bhp at 8000rpm and 73.8lbft of torque at 6500rpm. The engine is also Euro5 compliant, with 20% increased rotating mass and a revised clutch to help manage the increased pull from the engine.

Away from the motor, the bike has also been given improved suspension to allow for claimed use both on and off-road. At the rear, there’s a new WP Apex rear shock – adjustable for preload and rebound – and up front sits a set of WP upside down non-adjustable forks, complete with 200mm of travel at both ends.

Cornering on the KTM 890 Adventure

With the whole chassis again based on the 790 Adventure, KTM have also updated the rear subframe; using lighter steel to save weight, without compromising strength – presumably in a bid to offset any extra timber added to achieve Euro5.

On top of this, there are also fresh brakes, with a stronger piston spring in the front master cylinder, plus revised internals in the rear caliper and a fresh stainless-steel brake hose – which KTM say will help with stopping performance and accuracy. The wheel hubs are also now anodised rather than powder-coated, for greater durability.

Weighing around 196kg dry, the bike maintains a slim profile, thanks to its inline-two configuration and sports a 20-litre fuel tank for a claimed 400km between fill-ups (around 249 miles). There’s also an adjustable seat, offering a height of either 850mm or 830mm.

Elsewhere, the 890 has also been gifted a revised electronics package; including traction control, cornering ABS and an optional Rally Mode, complete with a nine-stage traction control setting. You also get the cruise control switchgear as standard, however the activation is an optional extra.

Also available as an extra is heated grips, an ergo seat, luggage, a quickshifter, a slip-on Akrapovič exhaust and ‘KTM MY RIDE’ navigation via your mobile phone – connectable to the bike through the large TFT screen.

As always, check back soon for more information, plus a full in-depth KTM 890 Adventure review coming soon.

Ready to rally: KTM bring more powerslides with new 890 Adventure R

First published on October 6, 2020 by Jordan Gibbons

Power sliding the KTM 890 Adventure R

Just like the Duke that came before, KTM have upped the ante with their 790 models, creating the new 890 Adventure R and 890 Adventure R Rally. As before, a limited-edition Rally model benefits from flash, long-travel suspension, funky graphics and an Akrapovic pipe.

As the name suggests, the really big change comes in the form of a new engine, which has grown bigger in both bore and stroke to 889cc. The result is a 9bhp boost to 103bhp along with a 8.8lb.ft improvement in torque to 77lb.ft, both of which ought to give it a bit more oomph.

There are other internal changes too including new pistons, new balancers, new conrods, new valves, new valve springs – the list goes on. Interestingly, KTM are saying the innards weigh 20% more but that this smooths the output as well as adding to cornering stability.

There are other smaller changes elsewhere including a new slipper clutch and transmission for better gear changes, as well as a bigger oil cooler and knock sensor for better engine longevity. It’s also been brought up to Euro5.

KTM have meanwhile given their electronics a tweak for the 890, including a new traction control system that separates out front wheel lift and rear wheel spin. They say it’s quicker acting too, although slightly miserably the much-lauded ‘Rally’ mode now only comes on the Rally model.

KTM 890 Adventure models parked

It’s an option on the R, where previously it came as standard. The ABS hasn’t been missed either, with a tweak to increase power and reduce intervention. Lastly, cruise control now comes as standard on both the R and the Rally.

The chassis has had some minor updates, including a new steel subframe and aluminium steerer – both in an effort to offset the weight gains of Euro 5. It’s obviously helped but not quite enough as the new bikes’ dry weights are 7kg higher than the old model.

The Rally version keeps the fully adjustable Cone Valve forks and XPlor shock of the previous model while the R gets ‘reworked’ suspension. Both 890s run on 21/18 wheels, with the Rally having skinnier rims for more dirt focused rubber however the wheels are interchangeable.

Once more the Rally is a limited edition, although there will be 700 available rather than the 500 we got for the outgoing 790 version.

There is no word from KTM when we can expect the new machines, or the price, but given the offers on the current models we imagine they’re not too far away from launch. There’s no mention of the 790 Adventure, either, but given the 890 is now too powerful we assume it will remain for the A2 market.