Four on tour: Spyshots show Ducati's Multistrada V4 is almost finished

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New spyshots have emerged that finally confirm Ducati are working on a V4 Multistrada and it appears to be nearly ready. As well as a new engine, the machine has a new chassis and a full suite of electronics – but let’s start where it all happens and look at the new motor.

The new engine appears to have been taken straight out of the Streetfighter V4, suggesting it’s the 1103cc Stradale motor. Chances are they’ve altered the tune a bit (just like they did when the motor moved from the Panigale) but we’d still expect peak power of nearly 200bhp and around 90ftlb torque.

Either way, the new Multi is likely to take the crown of the most powerful adventure bike out there. Paired with the new motor is a brand new chassis. Gone is the steel trellis mainframe with cast subframe, in favour of a cast mainframe with a steel trellis subframe.

The subframe decision is likely for style as well as strength, while the frame design supports that motor as well as the new swingarm. Previous spyshots have shown the bike with a single-sided swingarm just like the current model, however it’s clear the new one has a double-sided unit.

Ducati Multistrada V4 spied in testing

It’s not obvious why Ducati would make such a change however the most likely reason is packaging – simply fitting a V4 motor, Euro5 catalytic convert plus electronic suspension into an off-road friendly set-up could have been one issue too many.

The other big new feature Ducati are testing is radar cruise control. The big box stuffed between the headlights enables the bike to speed up and slow down with traffic. This was expected to debut on numerous bikes this year but the delay from every manufacturer suggests there was an issue with the device from supplier Bosch.

We’d expect Ducati to unveil the finished machine at the Eicma motorcycle show in November but with the factory currently closed because of coronavirus it may end up slightly delayed.

No Ducati Multistrada V4 model until 2021

First published: 18 September 2019 by Jordan Gibbons

Claudio Domenicali

Ducati CEO, Claudio Domenicali has confirmed in a tweet that we will see a V4-engined version of the Multistrada, but not until 2021.

We saw spy shots in early September 2019 of a Multistrada 1260GT with radar-guided cruise control, which uses the firm’s existing 1260cc V-twin engine, strengthening our suspicions that the V4 version would not be a 2020 model.

And now Domenicali has confirmed the news at the end of a tweet celebrating the delivery of the 100,000th Multistrada to a customer in Germany.

The tweet read: "Multistrada production reached 100.000! I personally delivered it to a German Ducatista, Dave Hayard. Since 2003 Multistrada was developed to the current 1260 and 950, that with 30.000 km valve service interval are the most reliable of all times. No Multistrada V4 before 2021!"

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