No new retros at Ducati: Focus remains on the current Scrambler range, with no immediate plan to diversify

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The Head of Ducati’s Scrambler programme, Rocco Canosa, has told MCN that the Bologna brand have no current plans to diversify their retro motorbike line-up – instead focusing their attention on the rejuvenated six-strong Scrambler range.

“For the moment, we are just focusing on Scrambler and that’s the best option that we can give to customers who are looking for a classic flavour, but don’t want a vintage bike,” Canosa told MCN in London last week. “They want to have a modern Ducati motorcycle with technology belonging to Ducati and with an attitude.”

The confirmation came during an exclusive interview at the capital’s HERE at Outernet venue, during the British leg of the company’s Next-Gen Tour – which is being used to showcase the latest range of 800 Scramblers in locations such as Milan, Munich, Paris, and Madrid.

Ducati Scrambler Icon tank detail

Scramblers have been a staple of the line-up since 2015. The current 800 range was revealed in late 2022 and now comprises the £9995 Ducati Scrambler Icon, £10,995 Full Throttle, and £10,995 Nightshift – each one featuring an updated frame, new swingarm, lean-sensitive electronics and a new TFT dash.

Sitting alongside the existing 1100 Dark Pro, 1100 Tribute Pro, and 1100 Sport Pro, the entire line-up now consists of 18-in front-wheeled uprights – with Ducati no longer selling the enduro-styled 800 Desert Sled, or clip-on clad Café Racer options.

“Seventy per cent of the bike is completely new compared to the first generation, so for us it’s a big change,” Canosa continued. “Maybe for the public it’s not so evident, but there is a lot of work behind the new Scramblers.”

Rocco Canosa at the latest Ducati Scrambler event

There may be six models for sale, but Ducati somewhat boldly claim the range is much larger, thanks to the Icon being available in a range of nine different colours.

“You can choose nine different bikes,” the Scrambler boss continued. “It completely changes the bike itself – it’s not just a matter of colour. It’s a matter of personality and a matter of style.

“On top of this, we have the two other 800 versions – the Full Throttle and the Nightshift – so at the end we have 11 bikes, plus the three 1100 versions in the family.” 

Ducati Scrambler Night Shift

Despite these claims, some Scrambler and retro fans may be disappointed by the lack of model diversity compared to ranges from other brands, including Triumph and BMW with some thinking Ducati should revive the handsome Sport Classic range.

That said, Canosa did suggest we might see some new models in the future – driven by customer demand. He added: “The Nightshift was born by looking at how clients customised their own Scrambler.

“We hope that maybe, in the future, we can look at what the next generation of clients want and think of a different version. Why not!”