Kawasaki-powered stunt rider gets first practice ahead of high-speed ski record attempt

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Stunt rider Jonny Davies has enjoyed a successful first shakedown run aboard a Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX as he prepares to break the world record for ‘Fastest speed being dragged behind a motorcycle.’ The accolade currently belongs to Liverpool’s Gary Rothwell, who achieved 156.3mph from the back of a Suzuki Hayabusa on April 18, 1999.

Two time Guinness World Record Holder Davies (also known as JD Stunts) now intends to beat that speed, using a supercharged sports tourer supplied by Kawasaki UK – jumping from the back of the machine onto special titanium plated boots.

“It felt really good, it felt so natural,” Davies told MCN the day after the session. “The bike is perfect for the job. On the top speed runs I was letting go of the bars to see what the stability was like at 160mph, and it was just straight as an arrow.”

Jonny Davies dragged behind Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX. Credit: Steve McDonald Photography

The first shakedown run took place at Elvington Airfield, just outside York, on June 17 and was the first opportunity for Davies to experience leaping off and controlling the speed with a secondary throttle fitted by Kawasaki.

“The bike gives me confidence with how smooth it is and picks up from 35-40mph in fifth gear off the thumb throttle perfect,” he continued. “I’ve never even skied before on snow. I’ve never done anything like that, so I can’t really compare it with anything. It feels exactly how it is.”

Alongside jumping off the back, JD also had to remount on the move in order to bring the bike to a controlled stop. He increased the speed steadily throughout the day, eventually reaching around 86mph through the speed traps.

Jonny Davies remounts the bike. Credit: Steve McDonald Photography

“It felt easier than when I’d been practicing with a rider on the front,” he continued. “This is the first time I’d actually jumped off by myself with no rider on the front and I could steer the bike, I could see through the screen where I was going, and I could see the speedo. It was actually really calm, believe it or not.”

Jonny’s Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX is powered by a supercharged 998cc liquid-cooled four-cylinder engine, producing a claimed 197.3bhp at 11,000rpm. Rothwell’s Busa left the factory with 175bhp, however weighed around 215kg – compared with the Kawasaki’s 266 kilos ready to ride.

Jonny is now also actively looking for sponsorship for the record attempt and would invite anyone interested to email him now. The final date and location for the record is still to be confirmed.