Via Moto quits Sheffield | Main dealer driven out of Steel City over Clean Air Zone concerns

Motorcycle dealership Via Moto has announced it will be moving its business premises from the city centre, marking the second major motorcycle retailer after SMC to leave Sheffield this year. 

Speaking with MCN, owner Matthew Gilder cited concerns relating to the ‘Clean Air Zone’ (CAZ) as the primary driver for the relocation. “Whilst it doesn’t apply to private vehicles currently, it does impact commercial vehicles coming to us.” 

At the moment, CAZ only applies to LGVs, vans, taxis, HGVs, busses and coaches, with the latter three having to stump up £50 per day to enter. 

The new store location

“Our concern was that down the line, private cars and bikes may be charged. That’d make it untenable for us to remain open – especially as we’re already seeing a reduced volume of customers. 

“Less people seem to be buying bikes in general,” Gilder added. “The motorcycle buying public is declining and there simply isn’t enough people coming into it because the costs involved are so ridiculous.” 

“We need to downsize accordingly,” Gilder told MCN. “We’re just going to be working with Norton and CF Moto going forwards. The pressure applied from manufacturers to purchase stock, combined with the cost of doing so is unsustainable.” 

Via Moto's store situated in the city centre

This means the dealer of 12 years will be dropping Moto Guzzi and Aprilia from its lineup; however, it will remain available for service and warranty work from the two manufacturers.  

With SMC set to close soon, KTM and Ducati will also be losing their presence in the city, although Gilder stated that they would be open to bringing either brand onboard, so long as their stocking requirements are sensible.