Ducati showcase exciting new Scrambler concepts at London Bike Shed show

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Ducati could soon be adding fresh metal to their already extensive retro Scrambler range, with the Bologna brand unveiling two new V-twin prototypes in London. 

Revealed to the world at the Bike Shed Moto Show on May 24, the concept bikes were presented in two distinct flavours, namely the CR241 – a lithe looking, bikini fairing clad cafe racer, equipped with high set clip-ons and a petite single seat setup – and the RR241, which is an altogether more rugged, Mad Max styled creation. 

Both models are built around the existing technical base of the well proven Scrambler range, packing the same Euro5 compliant 803cc Desmodue air-cooled V-twin motor and tubular steel trellis frame as the ongoing Nightshift, Icon and Full Throttle models.  

Ducati Scrambler RR241 concept

Ducati describe the new looks as an expression of “how fundamental the world of customisation, characterised by creativity and free expression, is for the post-heritage Ducati world.” 

Classic racer 

Starting with the CR241, it’s evident where inspiration for the build came from, with looks harping back to icons of old, particularly the seventies Ducati 750SS and early eighties Pantah.  

Gone is the usual 18-inch front hoop in favour of an altogether sportier 17-inch set up, ditching the pseudo-off-road semi-knobbly tyres fitted to its production Scrambler stablemates, for proper road going rubber. It’s not the first time Ducati have favoured a Scrambler of this style either, with the first Cafe Racer production bike arriving back in 2017.

Ducati Scrambler CR241 concept fuel tank and fairing

Out back and the usual wide, flat bench seat has been modified, now accommodating a detachable colour matched cover for the pillion perch.

Clip-on handlebars with underslung bar end mirrors replace the high swept riser bars too and a tank mounted fairing completes the more athletic appearance – although power is likely to be the same A2 licence restrictable 72.2bhp found across the range, despite the racier look. 

Macho sibling 

In contrast to the CR241 concept, the RR241 presents a much more rugged aesthetic, which Ducati say is inspired by post-apocalyptic TV and film sagas.  

Ducati Scrambler RR241 concept swingarm and high mounted exhaust

Going for more of a street tracker vibe, the RR241 incorporates a high-passage Termignoni exhaust, high front fender (although this is clearly more style than substance), cross spoked wheels (with a 17-inch rear and 18-inch front like the current Nightshift), and Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR 50/50 tyres.  

That said, despite the off-road bravado presented, chassis componentry, including suspension, appears to be the same across both models, with the RR241 looking to share the same 150mm travel Kayaba components of the rest of the range. Real world dirt capability is therefore likely to be limited – should the model go into production in this state. 

Whereas the former Desert Sled model featured beefed up suspension and a larger front wheel, this new concept is certainly more Camden than Congo in setup. 

Ducati Scrambler RR241 concept front forks and spoked rim

Ducati have also gone to the extent of removing the tank side panel covers, replacing them with frames which the manufacture suggest can be used to attach luggage to.

As well as this, the pillion seat has been made removable to allow for luggage rack to be installed in its place, although customers are more likely to use this to accommodate trendy wax cotton messenger bags, rather than panniers for serious round the world trekking.