2010 Ducati Hypermotard 1100 first ride: “It’s more fun than ever”

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The revamped Ducati Hypermotard 1100 is a blast, according to MCN Senior Road Tester Adam Child who is currently testing the bike in Sardinia.

Chad said: “There’s now two versions, the 1100 Evo, which is the standard street version, and the higher spec Evo SP.

“Both have more power and less weight than before – 5bhp extra, to be exact plus a weight saving of 7kg, five of which has been shaved off the engine alone.

“I’ve first been out on the standard Evo, which, considering it’s straight out of the crate, is immense fun around the track here.

“The brakes were brilliant before, but now, with less weight to haul up, they’re outstanding.

“The Ducati Hypermotard was always good fun but now, thanks to the extra power and reduced weight, it’s more fun than ever.

“My only slight complain is, on track, a slight lack of ground clearance.

“Next I’m trying the Evo SP which I expect to impress even more thanks to its 30mm extra ground clearance, due to longer travel suspension with added ride height, grippier Super Corsa tyres and carbon fibre accessories. My full test will be in MCN next week.”