Ducati 939 SuperSport: For and Against

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The Ducati Supersport 939 range, aka Project 1312, is due to arrive in dealers mid-2017 – in light of this news, we’ve got two quite opposing opinions, but what do you think of this new ‘sportsbike for the road’?

FOR: Ducati Glasgow boss, Martin Rees:

“We’re always delighted to see any new Ducati launched and are delighted to see the SuperSport back. It’s a bike that has always had quite a following.

“The last SS model we sold was the air cooled 1000SS. The new oil cooled bike is somewhat of a departure from the original but it’s the way everything’s going now with tightening emissions regulations.

“I’m personally looking forward to it though I don’t know much more than the details released at World Ducati Week yet.

“I believe there’s a real gap in the market for it at the moment. It’ll be nice to have a great handling bike that is comfortable to ride and isn’t going to rip your arms off. Hopefully it’ll come in at the right price point too.

“So far we’ve had quite some interest in the machine too and have even taken a few deposits from people too wanting to be at the front of the queue when the bike is released but generally people are asking for more details and images of the bike. Overall though, im delighted for the SS to be brought back.”


AGAINST: MCN Senior Reporter Andy Downes:

“This is the first new Ducati I’ve looked at in recent years and thought ‘Huh? I don’t get it.’

“I do get the concept of a sportsbike for the road but I think the Ducati Multistrada 1200 range ticks that box. That is a bike that packs a superbike punch but keeps it comfy, keeps it practical but also adds a pillion-friendly riding capability. The Multistrada range is aimed directly at the blokes who used to ride superbikes but have got a bit older, a bit less willing to accept the comfort compromises, yet still want to keep on riding.

“And if you still really, really still want a sportsbike then there is a wide array of the nutty Panigales to choose from that includes the 959 through to the Panigale R. I’m not sure where that leaves a bike like the SuperSport 939 which doesn’t cover either base in a way that’s immediately obvious to me.

“I’ve talked to lots of Ducati owners about the return of a SuperSport badge on a modern Ducati and the bike they have told me they would be more interested in seeing was something that was a bit more of a modern retro-styled bike with about 120bhp, simple technology and minimal rider aids. Something that could take on the new Triumph Thurston R for example. This kind of Panigale ‘lite’ is not what they had in mind. And even at around £10,000 for the standard bike it feels a little pricey.

“Maybe I’m looking at this from the wrong end of the argument? Maybe offering an alternative to 195bhp, focussed and looney-tunes superbikes is the way sportsbikes can offer more to a greater number of people? Maybe this is a more authentic take on a modern SuperSport bike that harks back to the old SS models that ran alongside the 851/888 superbikes of the time rather than some retro bike offering?”

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