Video: Indian release details of 2019 Chief models

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Indian Motorcycles have announced updates to their 2019 Chief models, with both gaining improvements to engines and electronics packages.

The Chief Vintage and Chief Dark Horse will get three switchable riding modes to choose between – Tour, Standard and Sport – each with its own throttle map. Tour will be the softest, with a slow throttle response designed for cruising and Sport the most immediate for spirited riding.


The Chiefs will also get rear cylinder deactivation, whereby the rear cylinder cuts out while the bike is stationary to keep the bike (and therefore the rider) cooler in traffic. The cylinder reactivates as soon as the throttle is applied, so Indian say.

‘We are laser-focused on delivering a best-in-class riding experience’

“These enhancements for 2019 showcase our commitment to listening to riders and continuously improving their experience with our products,” said Steve Menneto, President of Indian Motorcycle.

“We are laser-focused on delivering a best-in-class riding experience, and these new technologies represent a focus on quality that will continue long into the future of Indian Motorcycle.”

The Chief Dark Horse will also have some extra finishing touches, like gloss black paint on the engine and covers.

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