Iron Butt president says big miles make Bank Holidays great

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Another long weekend beckons, and for many of us it’ll mean an extra day of riding fun: either a short hop to the coast, a blast through the Peak District or maybe even a night away on foreign shores.

But a small, devoted army of high-mile riders will test their riding ability, route planning skills and seat padding.

At 5am on Saturday, along with riders from across the UK and Europe, Iron Butt Association UK President, rally organiser and #ride5000miles Facebook group member, Philip Weston, will take part in the annual Brit Butt Rally.

Over the next 40 hours, riders could clock up 1200 miles as they tour the UK, taking photos as they go, to show where they’ve ridden.

Iron Butt competitors in the Channel Tunnel

Philip loves the challenge of long-distance rides and has spent the last decade participating in rallies all over the globe. He thinks nothing of riding 1000 miles for a spot of lunch, regularly tours the UK, takes trips to Europe and has even taken a quick hop to the USA to complete the US Iron Butt Rally.

“It’s a great way to learn about route planning, body management, improve riding skills and to ride great roads you would have never ridden before,” he says. “Riders choose their own route around bonus locations and at each location they take photographs to gain extra points.

“While the event is open to all,” Philip explains, “It’s more appropriate for experienced riders who can ride for many hours and are looking for a new challenge. We get groups of friends riding together, too, which usually ends up being a competition between them.”

Friendly competition is guaranteed in Iron Butt

If you are up for a different kind of challenge and are tempted to take part, visit the Iron Butt website ( for more details on the event and tips on how to demolish long-distance days in the saddle.

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