Novice rider helped by #ride5000miles group

Rebecca Johnson and her Honda CBR125R
Rebecca Johnson and her Honda CBR125R

We all know how daunting it can be when we first start to ride and for Rebecca Johnson, who originally passed her CBT in August 2016, it took until spring last year to be confident enough to regularly ride her Honda CBR125R.

But there’s no stopping her now and she posts regularly on the #ride5000miles Facebook group about her adventures, and asks for tips from more experienced riders.

"I got into biking for purely practical reasons. I work in central Bristol and take the bus in, but they’re unreliable, especially returning home in the summer on Friday nights. A bike seemed the logical and practical answer."

Fate then brought Rebecca and her Honda together. "A friend had bought the bike new in 2006 but never rode it and my husband convinced me to buy it. It was the perfect bike, has a lowered seat and only 112 miles on the clock when I got it. It’s light as a feather and very slim, which is great for city riding. The more I ride it, the more I appreciate it."

Rebecca takes her CBR125R everywhere

"My annual bus ticket ran out in September 2018 and I took it on as a personal challenge to see whether I could commute through winter. It seemed like a sensible way of becoming a better rider.

"For months I simply didn’t filter. I didn’t trust myself to move amongst other people's cars, even on my little light 125. But as my confidence grew, I’ve started to filter.

I’m incredibly careful and courteous but there have been times when I cursed myself for not thinking things out carefully enough. I also have the utmost respect for the cyclists who commute through the winter months.

They might not be travelling as far but they have little protection from the elements, whilst I sat dryly wrapped in my protective gear.

"I’ve grown to love biking and have found myself creating excuses to use the bike at the weekend if we are around. The bike is so handy for parking. It’s always easy to find a reason."

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