Friends reunite through #ride5000miles after 15 years apart

Paul Dearman
Paul Dearman

For many, being part of the #R5K group means shared experiences, group ride-outs and new friends. But for three members it’s resulted in rekindling a friendship lost 15 years earlier.

Bikes never played a part in of the original friendship between Paul Dearman and Craig and Emma Dowsett, who met when their kids took swimming lessons. Then the kids grew up, the swimming lessons stopped and they lost touch – until a chance reunion at the recent #R5K second birthday celebrations.

Craig takes up the story: “We originally met when our children attended the same swimming lessons in Hertford. At the time neither of us were bikers then we both obtained our licences later.

“We met again in a queue at the Super Sausage Cafe whilst attending the #R5K Second Birthday Party. We got talking and decided to show off our bikes for the day. We then realised, quite coincidentally, we’d parked next to each other without even realising it.

Craig Dowsett

“Emma and I originally joined #R5K for meet, route and ride-out information – to meet with other like-minded bikers. We still live relatively locally to Paul and I have absolutely no doubt that we’ll now ride out together from time to time.”

For Paul, it was quite a surprise to see two familiar faces at the Super Sausage because he wasn’t aware the Dowsetts were now also motorcycle riders.

“To be honest I don’t recall the subject of bikes ever coming up back then,” says Paul, who’s been into bikes for over 40 years and used to spend time with his kids messing about on quad bikes, although he only passed his direct access test around seven years ago.

“Through talking with Craig and Emma at the café I learnt that both Craig and I had mopeds as 16-year-olds, but neither of us got our full road bike licenses until a few years ago. But I’m sure we’ll be meeting again quite soon!”

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