Camera boss admits flaw

By Steve Farrell -

General news

 07 February 2007 10:59

A speed camera boss has finally admitted his equipment is capable of getting speeds wrong if guidelines are not strictly followed. 

The boss of the firm which makes laser detectors used in speed camera vans was cornered into admitting how a handheld version of the device, called an LTI 20.20 Ultralyte, can give incorrect reading.

This came to light during a court hearing at Preston Crown Court on January 19, 2007.

Frank Garratt admitted the speed meter can make a host of errors including ‘slip’ error. This is where the operator doesn’t hold it steadily and the laser signal slips along the surface of a vehicle rather than bouncing continually off the same spot. 

He said the errors could occur when guidelines set out by the Association of Chief Police Officers and manufacturer were not followed. 

See the full investigation in this week’s MCN, available from February 7, 2007.

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