Kindness in the biking community

By jessica -


 28 June 2008 00:04

I went to Donington GP last weekend alone after being let down at last min by a friend. On the way back home i stopped off at the services to reassure myself of my route to Dorchester. As i was about to leave I had a brief chat with a Gentleman Stuart who was also about to set off.

I explained to him about my situation when his girlfriend Elaine turned up. We all said our goodbyes, but concerned for my welfare, especially as was getting dark, being a female on her own, and having some considerable distance to cover, Elaine came rushing from the petrol station to offer me her spare room for the night. Being really tired i gladly accepted the kind offer. We arrived near Hemmel Hempsted, greeted by her neighbour Carolyn. We all went in Elaines house for a chat in front of the open fire, before her boyfriend had to leave.

She then cooked Carolyn and I some pasta, and salad which had grown from her allotment. We all shared some red wine. I was anxious as my mobile phone battery had died, and i wanted my family know i was ok, so Carolyn let me use her phone to contact my Mum, and found me an old phone to take home in case i encountered any problems.

When i went to go to bed i was given a hot water bottle and offered use of all facilities, along with even a spare dressing gown. In the morning i was given a bowl of porridge with sultanas and banana for breakfast, and given cups of herbal tea. I was then left to my own devices to set off for my journey in my own time as she had to go to work. I wanted to share this story with you to show the comradely and kind spirit than exists within the biking community. Thanks to Elaine, Stuart, and Carollyn, for making a a perfect end, to an unforgetable weekend.