Sidi ST boots

Sidi ST boots, £264.95

Miles covered/time: 1000 miles/one year

What’s good: The STs are exactly what you need on the track. Your heel, ankles, toes and shins are solidly protected by plates, shock absorbing inserts and replaceable sliders, while adjustable air vents help keep your feet as cool or warm as you wish. Fitting is adaptable every time you put them on, meaning they’ll fit around any set of leathers and offer a consistent level of comfort. Last time I was at Silverstone, nine out of 10 riders were wearing Sidi boots of various ages. Based on my own experience over the past year, I wouldn’t want to wear anything else.

What’s not: Getting in and out of the STs isn’t a simple affair, involving pivoting calf protectors, two adjustable clips, a full-length zip and Velcro patches… at least you feel secure once you’re in them. You also get used to it pretty quickly. The elaborate design makes them serious squeakers too. A blast with WD40 is needed if you don’t want to interrupt the safety briefing every time you shift your weight.


Rating: 4/5