Review: Eurohike 10-litre waterproof compression sack

Eurohike 10-litre waterproof compression sack, £7.99
Miles covered/time:
one 500-mile tour of Vietnam/two weeks

What’s good? Cheap and compact way of keeping electrical kit like cameras and mobile phones dry while on the bike.

It’s got a roll-out closure system, so you squeeze the air out, Velcro the top shut and roll it over lots of times before clipping it shut.

Not a lot of money for peace of mind (plus it came in handy when we went kayaking in Halong Bay).

What’s not? It’s waterproof, but it’s not a proper dry bag.

You can buy similar items that are designed to keep contents dry even when fully submerged in water.

It’s more than good enough for use on dry land though.


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