Bodywork repair by Kas Racepaint

Bodywork repair by Kas Racepaint, £380

Time owned: One month

What's good: My KR1S fairing had a big bit missing where a corner had snapped off the top half, while the bottom half had shattered boltholes making it impossible to join the two pieces together. Kas Racepaint fabricated and painted a new corner, fixed the holes and got the whole thing polished and spick and span for under £400. The work is outstanding. You’d never know that corner had been missing. You could get a new aftermarket fairing for less but it would come in plain white and need painting, and wouldn’t be the same quality. Mine is as good as new and original.   

What’s not: Actually there is one clue the corner has been repaired. Where there was originally a hole to bolt the fairing to the frame, there now isn’t. The hole on the opposite side, and the finger in the picture, shows where it should be. It should be easy enough to drill though, and I can’t fault the work otherwise.


Rating: 4/5

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