Product review: Ultimate Add Ons iPhone hardwiring kit

Ultimate Add Ons iPhone hardwiring kit £24.99
Time used:
One month

What’s good: Motorcycle satnavs are great things that take a lot of the stress out of long trips but on a bike like my BMW S1000RR long term test bike, the lack of room in the cockpit makes fitting one a bit of a nightmare.

One solution I have is to use my Apple iPhone and a TomTom satnav app inside a tankbag but that needs a charging cable to take power from the battery.

Ultimate Add Ons have a multi-use cable that has optional ends for the iPhone, other smart phones and also a mini USB for traditional satnavs.

The build quality is first rate, with a blade fused section that links to the battery, a waterproof switch that I have mounted under the pillion seat and then a cable section that leads all the way to the headstock where the final section links to the tankbag.

All connectors have silicon covers for waterproofing when not in use and all the cables have plenty of length for routing along the bike. The price is reasonable, too.

What’s not: Nothing important. The kit is first rate. The fact motorcycle manufacturers insist on making this kind of thing necessary makes me cross. Why do they all not have 12v charging points these days?

Rating: 5/5

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