Product Review: Oxford Commuter X4

Product Review: Oxford Commuter X4 (£44.99)

Tested by: Liam Marsden
Time tested: Six months/350 miles

What’s good? This illuminated brace can either be strapped to the rider or to a rucksack with elastic straps and poppers – although it’s not overly clear which poppers go where because there’s such an abundance of them. The rear straps contain LED fibre optics, which light up and flash in various patterns. They offer plenty of light on their own, but the main light in the centre takes things up a notch – looking at it directly is enough to hurt your eyes. The whole thing is rechargeable via a micro USB input on the bottom of the main light – although I’ve not had to use this yet. Oxford reckon it’ll last 20 hours between charges.

What’s not? As practical and safe as it is, let’s face it, walking/riding around with a bright red light on your back looks a bit naff.


Quality rating: 4/5

Value rating: 3/5