Jordan Gibbons

Former MCN News Editor

Jordan Gibbons is a London-based freelance writer and photographer with a penchant for two-wheeled adventures.

He worked as a News Writer and News Editor for MCN for six action-packed years and broke many amazing tales around new bikes and the issues surrounding motorcycling.

Jordan, a lover of all bikes – even Harley-Davidsons (!), has taken to two wheels all over the world and also attended many launches for MCN, especially on bikes of the adventure variety. Jordan loves a motorcycling mission and has ridden across Europe, Africa and India when the mood’s taken him. He’s also a keen member of the custom bike scene and has been known to modify a few bikes of his own.

Jordan is also partial to two wheels of the non-engined variety and is a former editor of and has contributed to Bikes Etc., Pannier, Privateer, Rouleur and Soigneur as well as the odd book and newspaper. When he’s not riding, racing and crashing bicycles, he’s riding, racing and (spectacularly) crashing motorcycles instead!

Jordan now works for Norton Motorcycles and is incredibly excited about the new TVS-owned company and what the future holds for them.


Jordan Gibbons

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