Am I adjusting my chain too often?

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jon66: At the end of January I replaced my chain and put new sprockets on at the same time. I've done around 1200 miles since then, but I'm finding that the chain needs adjustment about every second day, and the adjustment marks are now half way down the scale!

Surely this is not normal, anyone got any suggestions? It's a CBF125 and I do 45 miles a day, most of the time between 50 and 60mph.

davidstowe358: What make of chain are you buying? How much slack are you leaving? It should be around 35 to 45mm and not too tight. This is not good and should not happen. Definitely not to a 125.

jon66: It's a DID heavy duty chain, and the bike manual recommended slack is 20mm.

davidstowe358: OK. Well, if everything is fitted correctly then I don't know. 

jaffa90: Jon, do you have a centrestand fitted to your bike?

jon66: Yes Jaffa, it has a centrestand.

jaffa90: Jon, are you checking the 20mm play whilst on the centrestand?

jon66: Yes, always on the centrestand when I check it.

jaffa90: Jon thanks for being honest. It sounds as though you are stretching the chain whilst riding because it's too tight.

The correct way to check the play is when it's on its sidestand, not centrestand.

Better still, put a block of wood under the sidestand so it won't fall over and get somebody to sit on the bike with both feet up on the pegs then check for 25mm play, yes 25mm.

After that put it back on the centrestand and see how much play is there now, it could be 50mm.

Also recheck the front sprocket is secure because it's been under stress.

jon66: The manual says put the bike on the centrestand???

jaffa90: Jon, I've been biking for nearly 40 years and I had the same problem as you.

My CBF1000 book says check for play on the sidestand. Just experiment with what I've said.

jon66: I will, thanks Jaffa.

eatcs01: 'The manual says put bike on centrestand???' Experience says otherwise.

It also depends on how clean you keep it, and how often you lube it (and what you lube it with).

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