BMW K1300S wins ABS test, beats car

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MCN recently conducted a rigorous test of ABS to see how the latest and most sophisticated versions fared against more basic systems.

We also tested a standard family car with ABS.

The bikes tested were:

• BMW S1000RR – has a phenomenally sophisticated ABS system that will not only stop the front wheel locking, but – in race mode – allow a certain amount of rear wheel slip so you can back it into corners. As you do

• Honda Fireblade with C-ABS – this blew MCN away when we tested it last year. It’s incredibly smooth and allows ordinary riders to brake like national level racers.

• BMW’s K1300S – the ABS is a generation behind the S1000RR’s, but MCN’s testers say it has phenomenal braking performance because of its long, low chassis and Duolever front end. Full review this way

• Yamaha XJ6 ABS – budget, older generation ABS system

• Harley Electra Glide Ultra Limited – heavy bike with older-generation ABS

The car was a Honda Civic diesel – typical family hatchback with typical car ABS.

Conditions were cold and damp.

The shock result was that the BMW K1300S beat everything, including the car.

In fact the big BM’s stopping distance was 4.8 metres less from 60mph than the car – an amazing result considering it was a battle between two small tyre contact patches and four big ones.

The full results are in the current issue of MCN, out today December 23.

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John Westlake

By John Westlake