Technical advice: Suzuki Burgman electrical problem

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Q. My Suzuki 400 Burgman regularly cuts out on deceleration at roundabouts, junctions or traffic lights. It is a carburated 1999 model.

It always restarts immediately and the tickover speed is spot on.
Ray Robertson, e-mail

A. The first Burgmans that came into the country needed an electrical mod to solve this problem and it’s possible yours slipped through the net.

What happens is all the earths operate off one circuit and when you shut the throttle and put the brakes on there’s a momentary overload and the ECU shuts down.

Your bike should have an additional earth wire from the ECU, which is positioned at the rear of the bike. Look for a black and white wire that runs from the ECU to the main earth terminal at the starter motor and get a dealer to fit one if it’s not there.

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Chris Dabbs

By Chris Dabbs