Does my Honda Hornet have a radiator fan?

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Q. I'm wondering if my Honda Hornet 600 has a radiator fan. When I went on the recent Plymouth Megaride with 4000 bikes my bike was right up in the red on the temperature gauge.

I had to keep turning it off at every chance so it didn't overheat, however everyone else seemed to be OK. The coolant has been changed recently and as far as I know are no blockages.
Nc30netherton, MCN forums

A. Your bike does have a radiator fan to keep it cool and the temperature gauge should go to the red, but not deep into it, before the fan comes on. I know it hasn't got a readout on your clocks, but it would go to 95-110c before coming on anyway.

Your fan is bolted to the back of the radiator and has three wires, one single wire is an earth bolted to the radiator, another wire goes to the temperature sender (you can identify it by a single female spade connector).

Finally there's a double positive and negative wire goes into the main loom. You will need to check first that the fan can be turned by hand freely to make sure it hasn't seized, if it has it will need to be replaced.

If it still turns, take a twin core wire long enough to reach from the battery to the fan, connect to the pos-neg wires to the fan, making sure they don't touch to cause a short, then connect to the battery.

If the fan runs there is a problem with the sender or the earth needs cleaning. If it still doesn't run it's the sender to the fan.

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