Updated Ducati 1299 Panigale spied testing

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This revised Ducati Panigale 1299 was spied testing last week with the bike sporting a few technical changes pointing at a possible nip-and-tuck for 2017. This single shot was all our professional spy photographer was able to grab – from a great distance – before the bike disappeared from view.

The test bike pictured can be seen to have different wheels, which are not the same as any current model on offer in the Panigale range. It also has the World Superbike-racing style twin exit Akrapovic titanium exhaust, which is available currently as a £2500 accessory part.

Another small change is to the fork bottom, which can be seen to have a different-shaped casting to any current model, while it carries the current Brembo monobloc calipers. The casting owes more to that version used on the ultra-exotic Ducati 1199 Superleggera launched in 2014. The rider footrests also appear to be very similar to those fitted to the Superleggera, while there is a revised cut-out in the fairing around the exhaust header aperture.


Also new is the seat unit. Seen here in black – the shape is familiar, but clearly different to the current bike. The profile is revised, and the amount of taillight visible has increased – while there appears to be an odd string of led lights marking out the edge of the seat unit – although we’re not sure these would meet road laws.

There is a chance this bike may be one of two models the company announced they would release at this weekend’s World Ducati Week (WDW) festival in Italy. What is certain is that this isn’t an all-new bike, and the most likely option is that this is a tweaked 1299 that will be released for 2017 as a fully Euro 4 homologated bike. 

Last week Ducati confirmed two new models will be shown at WDW but only one will be shown openly in public, with the other hidden from view within a special viewing container, just like the original Scrambler unveil at WDW in 2014. We still have no clear idea what this bike might be, although there are strong rumours that point towards a modern retro sportsbike that could echo the famous 900SS, but using an engine from the current Panigale family. The other rumour is that it could be a large capacity Scrambler, but the private viewing area suggests to us that the secret bike will be a fresh new direction – rather than a version of something Ducati already build.

All will be revealed this weekend from World Ducati Week.


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Andy Downes

By Andy Downes

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