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I had the day off today so I decided to get my new Mivv X-Cone fitted to my Hornet 600.

It was a pretty simple job to swap out the bulky standard can for the new almost retro-looking cone shaped Mivv.

My only real problem (besides lack of proper tools and my own cack-handedness) was with the original silencer clamp, which was so badly corroded the bolt snapped. 

I was amazed by the weight saving - you don't have to get the scales out to see that this new slim-line Mivv weighs a fraction of the stock item.

Here's the obligatory before and after pics:



After the Mivv was fitted and I got the seat cowl and side panels back on, I couldn't wait to start it up and see what it sounded like. Thankfully it didn't disappoint! It sounds beasty, so much so in fact that on a celebratory little test ride around my housing estate I was too scared to open it up for fear of upsetting the neighbours.

There may be some curtain-twitching tomorrow am when I fire it up to go to work...

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