Ride review: Harris stainless steel stand

A simple but effective stand, beautifully welded and finished. Allen bolts hold the bobbin forks in place, while the ratio of length and lifting height means it feels safe and secure when lifting. Once the bike’s up, it’s utterly solid. The bare stainless finish doesn’t mark easily, though it would be good to have rubberised fork prongs. There are no options for cups, so it works only on bikes where bobbins can be fitted. Our sample had plastic wheels, but it now comes on rubber wheels. It was as good on the bike ramp as the floor.  


Construction: Stainless steel, rubber wheels
Raises by:
Contact www.harris-performance.com
Price £90


Quality 9/10
Ease of use 9/10
Versatility 6/10
Stability 10/10

Overall 34/40

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