Boot review: Daytona Roadstar GTX

Daytona Roadstar GTX boots, £305.99
Miles covered/time:
60,000/six years

What’s good? For me, these boots have become the benchmark for touring footwear. Not only do they provide wide-footed me with the perfect fit, but I’ve also found these boots to be the ultimate in everyday on- and off-bike wear.

I’ve used them during six summers and through the worst of six winters and they’ve only now started to leak slightly.

I’m hoping to send them back to the supplier and see if anything can be done to salvaged them. I’ll keep you posted.

What’s not? I can’t say there’s anything about this boot that doesn’t light my fire. Yes, the price is on the high side, but £306 sounds about right to me for 60,000 miles of riding joy.

They’re almost perfect in every way, and I even wear them when I’m not riding. Sad but true.

Rating: 4/5