Boot review: Acerbis Profile X-Tight enduro and motocross boots

Acerbis Profile X-Tight enduro and motocross boots, £235
Time used:
18 months

What’s good: They’re tough enough to kick down walls but comfortable, too. There are only two clasps to fasten per foot, not half a dozen like some off-road boots. One clasp has a ratchet mechanism which makes it easy to get them nice and tight at the ankle.

Some of the outer is tough leather and suede but most of it is hard plastic, with a hinge at the inside ankle. They feel a bit like ski boots and give lots of confidence in terms of protection. 

What’s not: It can be difficult to get your foot under the gear selector in motocross boots. With some, you can use the edge of the sole but on these it’s virtually flush with the rest of the boot. As a result it’s hard to feel what you’re doing.

That said, I’m a relative novice off-road and the more experienced might disagree. They’re also out of production but were still on sale at the website below at the time of writing. Acerbis’s latest motocross boots are the Graffiti (£164.95) and X-Move (£229.95). 

Rating: 4/5

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