Boot Review: TCX X-Street WP ankle boot

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TCX X-Street WP ankle boot, £100

Time tested:  1910 miles/ six months

What’s good? I’d be lost without these ace little boots! They’re pretty much my daily work-wear whilst at MCN, simply because they’re so comfortable for day use whilst providing sturdy and solid protection for my ankles, heels and toes for those times when I’m called out for a ride. They’re waterproof, full-leather and, best of all, they look great.

What’s not? They come out of the box with a black ‘paint’ across the white, slab soul. I think the intention is to make them look ‘dirty’ from the get-go, but as this paint itself that scratches off with wear and tear, these are the only shoes I’ve ever owned that have actually got cleaner the more that I’ve worn them.


Quality rating: 4/5

Value rating: 5/5



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Steve Hunt

By Steve Hunt