Spada Pilgrim riding shoes review (£99.99)

What’s good about the Spada Pilgrim riding shoes?

These look great. When you ride a retro like my Ducati Scrambler it seems daft turning up with full-on boots, but wearing footwear that’s not designed with a degree of protection in mind seems foolhardy. So what you get are reinforced toe and heel sections and a higher top than normal shoes so you get some protection against crushing injuries. The sole is an old-school leather/wood combination and there’s an extra layer of leather to protect the upper from contact with the gear lever. Comfort is fine both on and off the bike, I’ve worn them all day around the office with no trouble. I like the fit, too.

And what’s not?

It was all going so well until the rubber section on the heel of my left boot dropped off on the way to work. A closer inspection has revealed that the right boot may well suffer the same issue. Feridax, the distributor, said they would repair or replace the boots for customers in the same position and I am now testing a second pair to see if the issue recurs. So far there have been no issues.

Time tested

Three months/1500 miles


Quality rating


Value rating