Product review: TCX Street Ace waterproof boots

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I loved those old, circa 1980, Frank Thomas Paddock Boots, and the TCX Street Ace are essentially an update. Their problem is that ankle boots like this are always going to feel like a compromise.

They’re trying to be normal shoes, except they’re not – they’re relatively stiff, heavy and, with a waterproof membrane, run a bit hot - and they’re also trying to be real bike boots, except, with relatively little armour, or ankle and lower leg coverage, they’re not that either.


But I rate these. The blend between ‘normal’ and ‘bike’ boot is about right. Comfort is superb yet there’s a reassuring torsional stiffness to them as well as protected forefoot and ankle area.

They’re fine for walking, too. If the forecast is horrendous I will wear proper calf-length waterproof bike boots but the Street Aces have kept the water at bay during three or four wet commutes. Less brilliantly, a lace broke early on while being tightened – not something you’d expect from a newish pair of boots.

  • Tested by Tim for three months, covering 2500 miles
  • Price - £124.99
  • Quality - 3 Stars
  • Value - 4 Stars

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Tim Thompson

By Tim Thompson

Head of Content, former Bike magazine Editor, Nurburgring-lover