Product Review: Forcefield Blade

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Forcefield Blade

Tester: Liam Marsden

Time tested: Five months/1000 miles

What’s good? This is my second Forcefield back protector and it has four layers of NitrexEvo foam, offering protection up to CE level 2. Airflow is taken care of by 10 holes running through all four layers, which has stopped my back getting too sweaty on hot days. The adjustable shoulder straps feel much sturdier than on my previous model, too. The same can be said of the waist strap, which offers adjustment at the front and at the sides for the perfect fit. Set the Velcro adjusters at the side and then all I need to worry about is the adjustment at the front. The Blade offers what Forcefield call Repeat Performance Technology (RPT), which means it’s good for multiple impacts before it needs replacing – welcome if you’re a racer or short on cash after the repair bill for your bike. It’s the cheapest full-size back protector Forcefield offer, and I don’t think the price of £84.99 is too steep, especially for a piece of kit which I deem almost as important as a helmet.

What’s not? It’s significantly thicker than my previous Forcefield back protector, which could be an issue if your leathers are especially snug. It also means it feels stiff before your body heat warms it up. Forcefield say it’s as thin as they could make it and still offer the right level of protection. It does just look like four slabs of foam stuck together with glue – and the printed honeycomb picture on the outermost layer only adds to the uninspiring look.


Quality rating: 3/5  Value rating: 4/5

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Liam Marsden

By Liam Marsden

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