RiDE review: Bull-it Veloce jeans

These are Bull-it’s full, CE Level 2-approved protective jeans (passing abrasion, slash and burst tests), with abrasion-resistant Covec covering 99 per cent of the inside of the jeans. There’s also a water repellent finish and a boot strap that uses Velcro. This is quite cumbersome, requiring adjustment depending on whether you’re on or off the bike (although you could cut the strap off).

The protective armour is well positioned. They’re the heaviest jeans here at 2015g, but as with the RoadSkin collection it’s actually the heavier jeans in the range that prove to be the most comfortable. 

They are a little hot and prickly, so they’re better suited to actual riding rather than off-bike activities. Credit for passing CE Level 2, though, with an abrasion-resistance time of eight seconds.

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Bull-it Veloce jeans

Price: £239.99

Price includes: CE-certified knee and hip armour

CE tested? Yes, Level 2

Sizes: 30-44 waist, 32-34 length

Colours: Blue, black

Comfort:  3/5

Protection:  9/10

Practicality:  3/5

Total: 15/20