RiDE review: RoadSkin Beast jeans

The Beast is RoadSkin’s most protective garment, doubling up the 320gsm fabric of the Paranoid jeans to give 640gsm throughout. These have been tested to CE Level 1 for abrasion, with a resistance of just under five seconds. The consequence is bulk and weight, though they are more comfortable than the Paranoid jeans, feeling a bit like a heavy pair of joggers. 

In order to pass CE abrasion testing, the Beast comes fitted with elasticated boot hoops to help keep the trouser leg down. The only downside of this is that the length of the trouser makes the elastic sag below a boot, which we found to be a potential hazard for catching on a footpeg. 

The Beast jeans are not the most stylish items, but they are robust.


Buy RoadSkin Beast jeans here.

RoadSkin Beast

Price: £149

Price includes: CE-certified knee and hip armour

CE tested? Yes, Level 1 abrasion resistance

Sizes: 30-40 (waist), 30-32 (length)

Colours: Black


Comfort:  4/5

Protection:  6/10

Practicality:  3/5

Total:  13/20