Product Review: Alpinestars Copper denim jeans (£169.99)

What’s good about the Alpinestars Copper denim jeans?

Unlike many of the protective jeans I have tried over the years, these remain comfortable over long distances and in high temperatures they don’t make me too hot. Plus, when I was wiped out by an idiot driver on a roundabout last summer, despite flying over a car bonnet and rolling down the road, I remained scrape-free and the jeans were dirtied but intact. They also look like normal jeans rather than some stonewashed costume prop from a 1980s TV drama about East German political activists. I’ve done lots of miles in these and they remain in good condition and haven’t faded much. They come with CE-approved knee armour that is removable.

And what’s not?

Clearly the protection these offer is lower than leathers or more bulky motorcycle jeans, but I am comfortable and happy with that compromise. I know some people will not be prepared for that.

Time tested

Two years/8500 miles


Quality rating


Value rating


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