Product review: Oxford Warm-Dry 1 piece base layer

Tester Oli Rushby

Miles used: 1300 miles over 3 months

I may have been laughed at every time I arrived at the office, took off my bike kit and was stood there in what soon became known as my ‘Oxford baby grow’, but I cared little about the mocking…

Minus two, it read on my dash as I set off for the first commute wearing this one-piece base layer and the difference was immediately noticeable. I don’t like heated kit as it’s just too bulky and restrictive, but I genuinely haven’t been cold on a ride since I slipped into this and I won’t lie, it’s so comfortable there was more than one occasion when I got home and didn’t bother changing out of it… onesie anyone?!

The suit is meant to be an all-year-round design, but when the weather started improving, I was getting noticeably stuffy on rides. Admittedly, I did still have the thermal layer of my Hevic textile jacket on too, but I’d probably look to try the ‘Cool Dry’ base layer in warmer conditions instead of sticking with this one. At £64.99, they are also quite pricey! 

Price £64.99

Quality Four stars

Value Two stars


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Oli Rushby

By Oli Rushby

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