Sandy Bike Spares stainless steel downpipes for 1999 Honda CBR600FX

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Sandy Bike Spares Stainless steel downpipes for 1999 Honda CBR600FX, £153.26

Miles covered/time: 200/one month

What’s good: £150 for a set of four-into-one stainless exhaust downpipes is an absolute bargain, £100 cheaper than similar pipes from Motad. These UK-made pipes are well made from thick gauge tubing, bolt on as neatly and as easily as the original Honda pipes and even come supplied with all the gaskets. Unless I bin the bike or they crack due to engine vibration (a not uncommon problem with the more brittle stainless steel) they should outlast the bike.

What’s bad: For the price, not much but if you’re after light weight then look elsewhere, these are made for longevity rather then racing. They’re also missing the two cross-linking balance pipes of the Honda originals but I struggled to feel any difference in performance.


Rating: 5/5

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