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Glove review: Revit H20 Hydratex winter glove

Revit H20 Hydratex winter glove, £99.99
Miles covered/time:
4500/one year

What’s good: I like these gloves because they feel like a cross between a summer and winter glove in terms of thickness.

As a result they are easy to get used to and don’t come as such a shock the first day you have to put them on after spending the summer in thin race gloves.

These higher end Revit gloves also offer good protection (for a winter mitt) with hard knuckle and finger protection where it matters.

What’s not: Despite being a top end glove I’ve never found them that warm on longer rides when the ambient temperature is low.

Plus, the opening of the glove is not really wide enough, making these gloves difficult to put on with a winter jacket if you want to wear them over the top of the sleeve when there’s no chance of rain.