Kit review: Rev’it Airvolution

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Rev’it Airvolution, £79.99
Miles covered/time: 100 miles/two weeks
What’s good? The extra ventilation you get from wearing short gloves is great. These are my first pair of short gloves and for quick rides to the shops on hot days they’re perfect. If I could master fastening my helmet with them on then I wouldn’t need to take them off once I arrived at the shop, either – they’re thin enough to easily open the small zips on most jacket pockets. For short gloves, they feel surprisingly secure, although still a lot less secure than full length gloves. The armour seems to fall in to place just right on my hands and the thin leather provides excellent feel.
What’s not? Given the choice I’ll opt for full length gloves every single time. Short gloves like these offer the advantages of keeping your hands cooler, but my wrists always feel exposed. Rev’it gloves fit my hands very tightly, and they seem to take quite a while to fully bed in – these ones are still quite stiff.
Rating: 3/5  

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Marc Abbott

By Marc Abbott