Velobici PBP seamless gloves

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Velobici PBP seamless gloves, £20

Miles covered/time: 650/one month

What's good: Created for the cycling world (the PBP stands for Paris-Brest-Paris, a famous long-distance race), these merino wool/polyester mix gloves have proved themselves to be absolutely brilliant from mid-August to mid-September. They’re called upon as undergloves, and they fit perfectly beneath my Weise Victory leather gloves, effectively extending the usable life of my favourite armoured, summer riding gloves well into autumn. Unlike many woollen or ‘technical fabric’ undergloves, the PBPs are actually thin enough to be worn under tight summer gloves without restricting movement. And they’re just enough to take the chill out of evening rides, too.

What’s not: Some people might scoff at £20 for a pair of gloves. But look at it this way: they’re of a very high quality, that’s cheaper than shelling out on a new pair of gloves for autumn/winter, they look classy and can even be worn on autumnal dog walks!  


Rating: 5/5

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Marc Abbott

By Marc Abbott