Product Review: Ixon RS Moto HP Gloves

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Ixon RS Moto HP, £99.99

Time tested: 4200 miles/six months

What’s good? Glove fit is a very personal thing, and a pair will either leave you feeling uncomfortable and distracted, or they’ll fit you like a, well, glove. Fixing systems, protection, styles and gizmos aside, the fit has to be right, and these Ixons fit me perfectly. The finger length is absolutely spot-on, and crucially so is the thumb (so annoying when it isn’t, and you can’t feel your switchgear). I like the unfussy styling, and the quality of construction appears as good as, or better than, any other glove I’ve worn. After 4200 miles of use they are showing no appreciable signs of deterioration, and while they’ve bedded-in to fit me even better, they’ve not developed any sagginess. The Velcro wrist and cuff fasteners are as crisp and bitey as they were on day one, and the lining also shows no visible signs of wear. The glove outer is a cow/goat mix, and while the soft grippy palm areas on gloves usually wear fast, the Ixons are resisting well so far. This is the firm’s second-tier sports glove, and now a firm favourite alternative to my usual Alpinestars GP Pros.

What’s not? They’re hard to criticise, but are noticeably warmer than my usual Astars, leaving mitts a bit toasty on really hot days, while equally being a blessing on chillier rides.

Quality rating: 4/5
Value rating: 4/5

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Richard Newland

By Richard Newland