Product Review: Held Phantom II gloves (£199.99)

What’s good about the Held Phantom II gloves?

These gloves ooze quality. Pick them up and you feel all the different protective materials, from titanium and Kevlar to Kangaroo leather panels that are beautifully stitched, welded and glued together, but the best bit is when you put them on, they feel lush inside – a real treat for your hands! The seams of the leather are of “step seam construction”, so there are none of the pressure points you usually get when two seams are parallel-stitched together and form a ridge as you find in other unlined gloves. I have found these pressure points in the past lead me to distraction on long rides and it was only when I took them off that I could see the pressure points on my skin. None of those problems happen with the Phantom IIs. With such soft Kangaroo leather on the palms, they allow amazing feel for what’s going on with the bike, and the panels between each finger have perforated side walls for a bit of finger air conditioning,. If you want to close them off, just draw your fingers together. The back of the hand is a total contrast. Offering optimum protection, with a plethora of types of abrasion-resistant reinforcement, they almost feel bulletproof. All this is finished off with, if anything, a rather long adjustable and very stiffly reinforced cuff, offering yet another level of protection.

And what’s not?

I have found that these gloves do not fit so well with some of the jackets I wear, mainly bulky textile jackets, and they are more compatible with the closer fit of a leather jacket.

Time tested

Two years/5200 miles


Quality rating


Value rating