Product Review: Held Touring 5 Tex Waterproof gloves (£59.99)

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What’s good about the Held Touring 5 Tex Waterproof gloves?

The leather was soft and supple from first wear and they needed absolutely no breaking in. The visor wipe on the index finger works well and is a great addition. When riding in just a shower they are warm and waterproof.

And what’s not?

It’s a shame the gloves can’t withstand a heavy downpour. I was out for a couple of hours in torrential weather but the waterproof membrane couldn’t stop water getting into the glove and coursing up the inside of my jacket, making my jumper sleeve wet to the elbow. The gloves resembled a cow’s udder by the end of the ride, with each finger like a teat as water could be squeezed out – not an attractive look.

Time tested

Six weeks/1000 miles


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Value rating



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