Product Review: Ducati Scrambler gloves (£45)

What’s good about the Ducati Scrambler gloves?

Products with desirable product names attached often cost more than they are really worth – so these shortie gloves bearing both the ‘Ducati’ and ‘Scrambler’ brands are a refreshing change. I tried several different types of shortie glove over last year and these, which are made for Ducati by Spidi, were my favourite.

There’s decent Velcro adjustment on the closure, so they fasten securely, and there is extra material on the palm and side of the hand. Plus, there are perforations to allow some air through on the sort of warm days gloves like this are reserved for. The leather was good and supple right from the start, too, and they have worn well.

And what’s not?

By their very nature, short gloves can’t offer the same level of crash protection as full-length items. In fact, there’s a complete absence of the carbon/plastic knuckle and wrist armour seen on many modern gloves. They’re not the sort of gear you’d pick for spirited riding or motorway jaunts.

Time tested

Three months/2500 miles


Quality rating


Value rating