Product Review: Weise Shark gloves (£109.99)

What’s good about the Weise Shark gloves?

If I could only have one pair of gloves for riding in Britain they would be like these – sporty gloves with a waterproof membrane but no thermal wadding. They come into play in Spring when temperatures get to around 8°C and stay useful right up until the mercury nudges the mid-20s. These Weise Sharks are well-made, have an effective waterproof membrane that also stays in place and have plenty of beefy protection without interfering with feel for the controls.

And what’s not?

A glove designed to be worn when it’s raining should have some form of visor wipe on the left hand – ideally a rubber strip or if not a suede panel on the forefinger. These gloves have neither, which is an oversight.

Time tested

One month/700 miles


Quality rating


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