Helmet review: Schuberth S1 Pro

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What’s good? It’s amazingly quiet, almost spookily so, it’s like upgrading your head to first class. Sun visor flicks up or down in a second.

This means you continue to ride if the light changes when your friends are at the side of the road struggling with switching their visors. The peripheral vision is spectacular as well.

Now that you can get one for £200 it’s an amazing bit of kit.

What’s not? The manual comes with a diagram showing why the helmet is so quiet. This can cause you to have very boring conversations in the pub about ‘acoustically important areas of helmets’.

The sound dampening technology is very good but you still need to wear earplugs if you are going fast.

Contact: www.schuberth.com
Rating: *****
Product: Schuberth S1 Pro £400

Miles covered/time: 8000

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Samuel Pinney

By Samuel Pinney