Helmet review: Bell R/T

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Product: Bell R/T helmet, £170
Miles covered/time:
850/four months

What’s good?
This lid’s classic styling compliments my ’75 Triumph Bonneville perfectly. Plush leather on the outer edge of the lining adds to the classy looks and comfort.

Open-face design means the world can see the grin on my face as I’m riding my bike.

It’s road legal for Europe and manufactured from an innovative twin shell construction system (it says here) so it’s resistant to bumps and scratches while being absorbent to kinetic energy in a crash.

What’s not?
Not as comfortable as my benchmark for comfort – my Arai Viper GT – and my temples can start to ache after about 50 miles.

Not really a problem, though, as that’s about as far as I want to ride the Bonnie in one continuous stint, anyway.

Personally, I usually prefer a double D closure strap to the R/T’s seatbelt-style system.

Contact: 024-7634-7870

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Mark Holmes

By Mark Holmes